About Us

We are a company that endeavors to let its clientele venture into great travel experiences by providing the necessary advisory incorporated with excellent service.

Apart from providing great experience, our focus is to let our clients see value for their money and be happy with the service provided from the word go.

  • Bush and beach packages
  • Budget and luxury holidays
  • Memorable experiences
  • Unique travel destinations
  • Local and international vacations
  • Safari experiences second to none.

More About Us

Our vision is to provide to our clients the best travel experiences that they may not achieve by doing it themselves or through someone else. We do this by giving you the best product and service at the most affordable rate and ensuring that we access the best deals that we then extend to you.

We make sure that we provide you with the latest and most reliable travel information.

Our mission is to take customers’ needs very seriously.

We thereby offer our customers the best most unforgettable travel experience of their lives. To achieve this we build good relationships with suppliers and ensure that we also take active part in executing it using our vast experience in the industry.

We are people committed to act with integrity and honesty making sure that our customers’ needs are kept to the fore. We therefore have become more proactive in ensuring that our clients know what is new in the market, and do everything to deliver excellent service.

Small groups, big adventures and responsible travel – that’s our thing. With 1,000 trips in a variety of styles across 100 countries, we’re sure you’ll find something you like.

  • Real life experiences
  • Connected by travel
  • Travel works best when it’s balanced
  • With great travel comes great responsibility
  • Adventure should be for everyone
  • Our leaders are the greatest